Here's some of the awesome stuff we've done. Also check out our 2017-18 Outreach Notebook

Global Outreach

At FIRST Global in 2017, CircuitRunners reached out to Teams Afghanistan, Seychelles, Zambia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe to assist in starting more teams in these countries. Our team volunteered at the inaugural FIRST Global Competition as part of the Global STEM Corps to explain the process of starting a new FRC team with Team Indonesia. Our team talked with Team South Africa about starting an FTC Team with their mentor as well as other teams. We have worked with over 24 FGC teams since 2017, and we plan to increase this number substantially by working with these teams on all aspects of FRC such as engineering skills, game strategy, programming, and Gracious Professionalism.

Major Events

FLL Workshop: More than 10 different workshops focusing on game strategy, EV3 programming, core values, presentation/project skills, and the importance of FIRST and STEM education. Our team displays how FIRST and its ideas are relevant and important to each student, even after high school.

FLL Qualifier: An annual event which allows FLL teams to compete and present their work over the past season. At this event, we display our past robots and emphasize the impact of FIRST on students and how the concepts learned in school and during competition have real-world applications.

FLL Superregional: A new event we hosted this year; this event gave us the opportunity to connect with more FLL students and show them the progression of FIRST.

Destination Einstein: Working with Walton Robotics, CircuitRunners is co-hosting the Destination Einstein FRC practice fields at East Cobb Middle School.


The AIM2LEAD Initiative was created as a partnership with United Technologies, Chick-Fil-A, and General Electric to teach students about life in a STEM workplace and leadership. This initiative plays a critical role in relaying the real-life experiences and expectations of employees in the STEM field.

The Combined Coding Competion

Also called 3C, this was an original event run and hosted by our team in conjunction with Team 1683 focusing on helping students learn web development. This event was pursued because programming is a new and emerging field, so it is necessary to educate the future innovators of our community in such a crucial skill.

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CircuitRunners also spreads FIRST’s message and inspires others to join robotics programs through robot demonstrations. Our team works with schools, churches, boy scout troops, and many other groups in our community to display our robots and inform others of the opportunities in FIRST programs. Over the past few years, we have demonstrated our robots to both local and widespread audiences. We perform demos for our school’s Magnet Open House and our club sign up day. We also exhibit our robots at a countywide STEAM Symposium in front of an audience of more than 600 people, including students, teachers, and families. Through all of our demonstrations these past five years, we have directly reached a total audience of over 42,000 people.

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