The Georgia Regional Invitational Tournament is a Georgia off-season FRC competition that uses the previous year's FRC challenge.

GRITS is great for new members looking to learn about robotics while still making an impact, and lets rookies transition easier into higher teams, especially FRC.

Recent Information

Last year

Meet our GRITS Recycle Rush robot.

This robot was able to support our alliance and place totes for others to stack more effectively.


GRITS (Georgia Robotics Invitational Tournament and Showcase) is a state wide robotics competition in the fall semester. Successful teams in the state of Georgia are invited to enter their FRC robots in an off-season competition of last year’s challenge.

However, we use GRITS as a learning opportunity for newer members to make their own robot in a lower stakes and lower pressure environment. Learning from last year's FRC team, the CircuitRunners GRITS team analyzes and engineers more efficient and successful solutions.


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Meet the Team

Andrew Kehoe Secretary of GRITS