The Georgia Regional Invitational Tournament & Showcase is Georgia's top off-season FRC competition.

GRITS is great for new members looking to learn about robotics while still making an impact, and lets rookies transition easier into higher teams, especially FRC.

Recent Information

This year

Our GRITS Steamworks robot with our two team leaders!.

This robot was able ferry gears and climb a rope. It went 7-2-0 in Qualification matches and had a perfect 4-0-0 eliminations run. In addition to winning the event, the team won the coopertition award and the robot also had the fastest climb. Congrats to the GRITS team on a great season!

Last year

Meet our GRITS Stronghold robot.

This robot was able to shoot balls through a goal and traverse obstacles.


GRITS (Georgia Robotics Invitational Tournament and Showcase) is a state wide robotics competition in the fall semester. Teams across the Southeast are invited to enter their FRC robots in an off-season competition of last year’s challenge.

However, we use GRITS as a learning opportunity for newer members to have a great environment to be introduced to competitive robotics. Learning from last year's FRC season, the CircuitRunners GRITS team builds a brand-new robot to compete.

Meet the Team

Charlie Bishop and Taze Lamb Team Leaders