The FIRST Robotics Competition gives students 6 weeks to build a robot only limited by their imaginations — and the weight/size requirements.

CircuitRunners has a long history with FRC, it being our original team. At the Peachtree Regional, we've won Chairman's Award three years in a row, and the Engineering Inspiration Award multiple times.

We've been fortunate enough to make it to the FRC World Championship two times, each time doing very well in our division.

Recent Information

Last year

Meet our Recycle Rush robot, Giraffe.

This robot was able to make stacks of six totes at a time, and grab recycling containers from the step.

Our FRC team was able to make it very far in the regionals we went to, consistently ranking in the top twenty robots, and even maintaining third place for some time.

We went to the FRC World Championship, on a lottery entry, and we did fairly well in our division.

This year

Right now, we've learned from what happened in FRC Stronghold and are working to improve even more.

About FRC

FRC is the FIRST Robotics Competition. In early January, we get a game that we have to design and build a robot to compete in.

Once the teams learn about that year’s game in January, they have a total of just six weeks to build and test their robot.


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Meet the Team


Aiden Kelley Head of FRC