Welcome to the original Team 1002.

CircuitRunners has been competing in the FIRST Robotics Competition since 2003. In recent years, we have earned multiple Judge's and Spirit Awards as well as an Entrepreneurship Award.

We have been fortunate enough to qualify for the FRC World Championship multiple times, even being Roebling Division's semifinalists last year.

Recent Information

This year

We have learned from our successes and failures in last year's competition in both the Peachtree District and on the international stage. Our FRC team is ready to compete in FIRST Power Up!

Last year

Meet our Steamworks robot, Diesel 10.

This robot was able to ferry gears across the field and climb up onto the airship at the end of Steamworks matches.

We were captains of the finalist alliance at the Peachtree District Championship, and semifinalists in the Roebling division. Overall, we went 41-20-2 in competitive play.

Overall, we placed 5th in our district in 2017.

FRC Team 1002 History

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About the FIRST Robotics Competition

FRC is the FIRST Robotics Competition. In early January, teams across the world are tasked to design and build a robot to compete.

Once the teams learn about that year’s game in January, they have a total of just six weeks to build and test their robot.

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Meet the Team


Michael Jin Head of FRC