Competition Details

Section 1: 2018 Event

Anything not explicitly outlined here is left up to the discretion of the event directors on the day of the event. Please contact us if you have any questions about the rules.

1.1 Location and Timing

The event will be held at Wheeler High School (shown on right). Parking is provided. Please enter Wheeler High School through the main entrance. Volunteers will be standing by to guide participants to check-in.

The competition will begin sharply at 9:00 AM on September 22, 2018. Late students will be admitted, but they will not be given additional time to complete their written test or team challenge. Participants can expect to be finished with the competition at 4PM that day.

1.2 Cost

There is no cost required to participate in the 3C competition. The 3C team does ask, however, that participants help keep the competition free by purchasing lunch from us and not bringing outside food or beverages into the venue. Lunch pre-orders are available on the registration form.

Section 2: Written Exam

2.1 Format

All 40 questions are multiple choice. Questions have 4 choices: A, B, C, and D. Only one of the answers is correct. Questions with multiple answers marked will be considered incorrect. Questions with no answer marked will also be considered incorrect. There is no penalty for answering a question wrong.

2.2 Timing

Students receive 45 minutes total to complete the test. At the end of the examination, students will be required to stop testing and turn in their answers. Students that finish early may submit their answers early but will not be allowed to change their answers once submitted. If a participant is looking to receive special timing accommodations, please contact the 3C team through the provided contact form or at

2.3 Materials

The only materials needed for the exam are #2 pencils or a black/blue pen. Students without pencils or pens will be provided one by 3C. Participants may not use any other materials or resources on the written test. Students found using outside materials may be penalized or removed from the competition.

2.4 Phone Policy

Students may bring their phones/electronic device to the exam, but they will be required to silence or turn them off before beginning the exam. Students may not access or use their device until completing and submitting the exam.

Section 3: Team Challenge

3.1 Team Selection

At the beginning of the challenge, randomly selected teams of three or four will be revealed. Students will have a brief period to familiarize themselves with their team members before beginning the challenge. Requests for certain students to be placed on the same team shall not be granted.

3.2 Format

This challenge will ask teams to construct a website to fulfill a specific purpose, including a list of optional features for implementation. The students will receive two hours to complete the website and as many features as possible. Then, after a one-hour lunch break, students will present their websites in a randomized order. The website and presentation will be scored separately.

The website will be scored based on the number of features implemented and the number of errors.

The presentation will be scored based on the students’ skill in presenting and selling their item to the judges.

3.3 Materials

Each team will have access to:

3.4 Internet Use Policy

Students will be given access to the internet under the following expectations:

Violations of the guidelines outlined above may result in penalties or removal of an individual or team.

3.5 Timing

Students receive two hours total to work on the project. At the end of the two hours, students will be required to stop working. They will upload their entire directory onto a flash drive. This will be their final product.

Students will receive 6 minutes to present their website. Students are encouraged to work on their presentation during the project period and the one-hour lunch break.

Section 4: Scoring and Awards

4.1 First, Second, and Third Place

This is an individual award. These awards will be determined using both the team website score and the individual test score. The team presentation score will not be considered.

4.2 First and Second Best Presentation Awards

This is a team award. These awards are given to the entire team and are calculated using only the team presentation score.

4.3 Best Individual Performance Award

This is an individual award given to the person with the highest score on the written test.

4.4 Sportsmanship Award

This is an individual award given to a student that was helpful and sportsmanlike throughout the competition.