What is 3C?

3C (Combined Coding Competition) is a free middle school and high school programming contest centered on helping students learn web development. It tests understanding of three core web development languages – HTML, CSS, and JavaScript – through an individual written test and a real-world team design challenge. Before the competition day, participants can study the standards through a variety of online resources and reach out to the 3C team for help. 3C 2018 will be held on September 22 at Wheeler High School. Sign Up

Challenge Details

The event structure is broken into two main parts:

Individual Challenge: Participants will take a 45-minute, 30-question written exam. The questions test basic programming theory, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with many questions requiring a solid understanding of all four topics. Students take the exam individually, with no access to outside resources.

Team Challenge: Participants will be randomly sorted into teams of four or five and given two hours to complete a website design task. Each team will be given a list of features to implement and scored based on the number of features they are able to develop and the quality of their code.

Competition Details

Standards and Resources


The 3C team thanks the Wheeler Center for Advanced Studies for making this event a possibility.


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